Mercy me

was wondering when the “I am not my past” clause kicks in for those who commit acts I think I am beyond committing







lead on

“Talent is overrated, it is the brave and not necessarily the talented who succeed.

You can waste a lot of time wondering “am I good enough?”

It’s the type of question that really isn’t worth asking, instead ask these three questions.

  • Do I truly love this thing that I want to do?
  • Will I chase this dream with all my heart without any guarantee of success?
  • Am I willing to keep going even when it is tough?”

P.C. in A.D.

A young Jewish girl, obeying a decree from a non-Jewish ruler,traveling with a fiance who knows the child she carries is not his, delivers a baby Savior in a stable, and eventually entertains some of the lowliest and esteemed people of the day. I don’t think there is, at this time of year, a more inclusive,hopeful, and inspiring holiday, than Christmas.