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I must keep too much bottled up- three blogs in three days.  I am sure it will start to wane soon.

And while we are talking moon phases- it is a glorious night tonight- not sure whether the moon is full but with the snow on the ground it seems like day.  I shut off the barn lights after chores and stepped outside- I thought I had left lights on somewhere.  I am tempted to go for another run- except the snowmobilers tend to be out on Saturday nights and I would not like to be a casualty.

I will probably retire early and get up for a run before the snowstorm hits tomorrow- not very much traffic on an early morning Sunday- then I do not have to scoot off the road when a vehicle comes and risk being lost in a snowbank.

Now that ” Christ”mas is over and people have started complaining about how deep into January you are allowed to say Happy New Year, I am looking ahead to Valentine’s Day and wondering if we should do something for all those people who do not believe in love.

I have plenty of thoughts in my head but I think I will eat some berries and slow my brain down,  for a little while anyway.


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