It came to my attention today that someone was carrying a grudge for something that happened years ago. It seems to be colouring their life in a shade of black. Language used to express their opinion on what they considered a similar situation to theirs was vehement toward people unknown. There was also an air of self pity.

When things happen in our lives, who is responsible for the action and who is responsible for our reactions? Unfortunate circumstances happen. We take someone’s advice that we have always trusted in the past and then something goes wrong. Suddenly we can no longer deal with the present and it is someone else’s fault. Often we have put our trust in people; and we can never really expect them to always be right. (People seem to have no problem reaping the benefits from others through the good time, and when it suits them, but never want to stick through the times when things turn downward. Proverbs 14:4 says, Where there are no oxen the crib is clean but much increase is by the strength of the ox) We live in a society that is mainly loyal to its feelings. I’ll take you as long as I am always getting what I want (much increase), but as soon as the dung drops I want out (failing to realize that even the dung serves a very useful purpose). Very few people have ideals that remain constant through our day to day ups and downs and emotional surges. We thus have a society of adults who blame their parents for their lot in life,but do not extend that same luxury to their children.

There are very few people whom you can depend upon to” deliver the goods”.  It is a scary world where there is little accountability for one’s own actions.


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