Why do I do this to myself?

I believe my first blog mentions that I am spontaneous.  Probably a more accurate word would be passionate. ( And brutally honest someone else has said, but that is for another time ,maybe) . I find most people I have dealt with  view passion with fear.  There is a song with a thought I like- the singers say : We’re never going back to OK, We’re never going back to easy.

As hard as it is to not be mediocre, to not be “nice” by telling everyone what they want to hear, I NEVER want to be that person.

I think we all were meant to be passionate people. Passion is defined by Webster as pervading spirit, fullness of heart, flow of soul.   Pervading and fullness and flow means something is going to have to move, or get out of the way , or change.  That makes most people uncomfortable.  Regardless of your personality you should be passionate.  I believe we were all made in the image of God.  What is more passionate than creating a world from nothing and knowing it will turn on you because He gave us free will.  What is more passionate than sticking with a people who constantly want to do there own thing .  He sent His only Son to be our sacrifice.  Our God exudes passion.  And we are called to be like Him.


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