Getting enough to eat but not eating enough

I remember the ratios the horse books tell you in order to keep your horse fed properly- hay, grain, calcium, phosperous, salt, trace minerals ,on and on. But somehow, following the rules wasn’t the answer. The horses could get enough but not be eating enough. ( I LOVE round bales. Well, MY round bales from my super duper round bale maker whose wife has a horse in the barn so they’ve got to be good.) My horses are grazers and they thrive on living with free choice hay. Of course, there are always a few who need restrictions or additions because of age, or use, or genetic traits generally kept in check in nature.
Jesus says He is the vine and we are the branches. Without Him we can do nothing. Most religious people get enough spititual food. Man, there is enough in most Sundays to last you a whole week. Some people get enough to last them from Christmas to Easter and back to Christmas again.
But we who are God’s followers are called to be the branch of the vine. We are not to take our nutrients from anything else. And we are to take continuously. In fact, it is a natural flow. (Maple sypup time just around the corner!)  We have no real life apart from Him. How many of us who consider ourselves well fed are actually plucking ourselves from the vine and putting ourselves in a glass of water somewhere. You could even buy that liquid fertilizer and add it to the swill, or poke our lives in some potting mixture. All temporary fixes that do not produce the life we were intended to live.


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