Why Only One Way

There is a saying that variety is the spice of life. This seems to embrace every aspect of life – food, clothing, music,sexual and marital partners,etc. While I agree that variety and diversity are important, I also believe that most people have it in the wrong area of priority. When I discuss my “philosophy” of teaching (calm, straight and forward) it seems to some to be restrictive or exclusive. But it, in fact, frees the horse to be the best it can be. If I can get my horse trusting and soft and supple and responsive both mentally and physically, its full potential can be realized. The horse is no longer limited to what it can naturally do. It allows me to see where its strengths lie. That means it could be a better cow pony, hunter, jumper, barrel racer or whatever. So the specificness and exclusiveness actually produce an open door.

Believing in one true God does the same thing. Besides the fact that I would not want to serve a God who lets other god’s run around circumventing everything He does (the whole idea of having a supreme being, ie, a god, points to only one being number one). Having one true God in fact uncomplicates life, makes it inclusive and allows me to be what I am best at being. Jesus said He was the only door to God and most are offended by that. Everyone is invited to come , no one can be turned away it is no longer arbitrary. I no longer have to be concerned about whether I am good enough . I no longer have to work out the plusses and minuses. I find it makes life simple. He has taken care of everything. Straight and narrow is actually very liberating. Once I go through that door my priorities are set straight and I am free to become what I was intended to be.


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