weighed in the balance

So someone takes a loaf of bread to the neighbour.  Then they cut someone off in traffic. They help an elderly woman put her groceries in her car. Then  drive away with the vehicle inspection a month overdo.

He leaves the toilet seat up. She squeezes the toothpaste from the middle.  He bought a new tool.  She takes a weekend shopping in Maine with her friends.

How do the scales look so far? Are they even? Can someone tell me how much individual deeds weigh? Or which get weighed at all?

Even people who say they believe we are all equal will find something that tips the balance in their favour.

Keeping accounts in relationships tends to stress the relationship.  How much is bearing children  and cleaning house  and just always being there worth.  Or going to work every day for a boss who is inconsistant.  To a job where you are underpaid,  for all the bills that never end.  And when you get home you just want to rest but someone or something  demands your attention and home turns into work and a place to  escape from.

When we try to balance or justify our actions  and have them fifty- fifty out with the partner, or eighty-twenty (or whatever percentage you determine) on our own accounting sheet,  who gets to be the judge?

Are we weighing the right thing?

God told a king in the Old Testament that he was weighed and found wanting (lacking). Not his deeds, or actions, or reactions, but him.  Well, if we are on one side of the scale, what or who is on the other side.?

What we can not measure up to is the perfection of God. For all have sinned and come short of God’s glory.  But He made a way to get rid of all the worry of checks and balances.  Jesus took our place.  Religion says weigh your deeds against yourself or others.  Jesus says the weight is mine.  The righteousness you desire is yours through His work.

What a relief.


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