What would you do for love?

If a vicious dog threatened your child- what would you do? If twenty people were attacking your child – what would you do? Whatever it took to save them? What if one child of yours was attacking another of your children? It can get a little more complicated.

None of us has perfect love. I mean that kind of love that knows all and can weigh actions of past and present and future to justify our decisions now.

If your child interrupted an important meeting with less than desirable appearance and actions, you could still love that child, and love him more than all the important people around you.

What if that child entered the room with an automatic rifle and started firing at people you did not love as much. Does your love for your lessen because you choose to save others at the risk of losing your child?

Does loving everyone equally mean that everyone would get the same consideration in all circumstances?

Some people believe that equal love is what is needed and it would be the answer to all the world’s problems. Like equal human love would stop all bad things from happening in the long run. Like no one would take advantage of anyone anymore because everyone would feel loved and be getting everything they wanted.

Who wants to be first in line to try that theory out?


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