Having Fun

Is that the purpose of life in general? Not many people are adept at setting goals. So the “goal” of having fun seems to be the thing to do. Join “us” you’ll have fun. “Us” could be a club, a church, a physical activity- the list is various and widespread. (The church one sticks in my craw the worst-like heaven is going to be one huge live worship concert with large screen TV’s so those of us at the back of the crowd can see what is going on when the spirit filled people in front of us stand up while we wish to remain seated.)

Maybe I am the dullest person in the world, but I rarely remember joining something because it was fun. Not that I missed out on my generous share of carefree ,childhood days making mud pies and playing horse (or rider- my mom was never sure which I was as I would hit my own leg and say “giddy up”).

I remember doing things (and seeing them done by others) because they were necessary, dutiful, helpful- all those guilt ridden words society cringes at. The times I remember being unhappy about life was when I focused on what I thought I was supposed to get out of the activities or the acknowledgement I should have received.

My self esteem has never come from myself. It has come from knowing myself as God sees me.

Having fun became a by product of doing what I was supposed to do.


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