How far can you get without hope? How far does your hope take you? If there is no hope, there is no sense in doing much of anything. Why bother about tomorrow or even the next moment if there may be no tomorrow or next moment. If this is all there is then, eat ,drink ,and be merry. There is no sense in passing on what is perceived to be values- save the earth, recycle,be kind,nice, do your best, persevere- how do values help, when there is no hope or the hope is temporal. Students are taught they are here by cosmic “accidents” or at best, an unexplained coming together of once useless matter. Where on earth does self esteem come from if that is my beginning?

The Bible says God has placed eternity in our hearts. That is what keeps us going in our seemingly endless cycle – even if you do not believe in God. Because if eternity does not exist, than neither does hope.


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