A little knowledge is…..

This post entails so many intertwining issues that it was hard to come up with a fitting title.

I had another conversation today with a parent who parroted back information that they believe to be true – because someone they trusted to be a professional (or knowledgeable) said it.   A lot of professionals believe themselves to be professional because they have gumption to be willing to impart said information  or because in their experience the statement of knowledge holds favour.

Now, we  of course,  have all been and are in the position of not knowing enough.  That is not stupidity.  That is ignorance.  We live constantly  in varying stages of ignorance in a vast array of life topics.  That is not bad in itself.  That is what everyone goes through.  Oh, did I say goes through- well, what I mean is,   some people get stuck at the beginning and never make it through.

Sometimes we like the little bit of knowledge because it makes us a great big happy to not be responsible for any more.

Sometimes we just do not travel in circles where big knowledge is imparted. (see above)

When it comes to a topic I know nothing about, I do not take the word of just one person,unless that person has proven in their life to exhibit characteristics that warrant my faith in general.  Hmm, this seems to come back to getting more knowledge.

I want to know people, and that takes time and sacrifice.  If I find that someone’s life does not measure up to what they profess then I have learned a valuable lesson.  No time is really wasted in the ignorance process unless I choose to stagnate and enter the realm of stupidity.


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