I don’t care

Those sound like awful words. And of course I actually care – about many things- sickness, child abuse, famine -to name a few. But sometimes you have to let go of certain kinds of cares. Some people think that when someone has harmed you, that you should take them back into your life like nothing ever happened. However, I care enough about my sanity and the safety of my family that I do not care if that person plays a role in my life anymore. I do not wish them harm or hate them. If you remember that someone repeatedly filled your life with stress and lies it does not make you are a bad person to not want that lifestyle again. There is a cost that goes with choosing either route. One is generally more costly and it is up to you to determine the net profit of it all. Some people have no desire to change. I care that the world has people in it like that- but I do not care to put myself constantly in the position where I feel I need to change so they feel good or where I am compromised in my standards.


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