I may (:)) come across harsh but I am no less critical of my inside then I am of the outside. The things I critique in life are things I have had to change in me. I have seen the dark side and know there is light.

Everyone has an opinion and not everyone is right. When someone says I have no right to say what I say because everyone is allowed to believe what they want- I say “how’s that working for ya?” They have just broken their own rule.  If they really believed that , what I say would not matter to them.

There is good and truth in many things- that does not make them THE truth. Every blind folded person who touched the elephant had a different point of view and a version that they thought was true. God sent his Son into the world so we could see the whole elephant and get the real picture.  If that makes me arrogant then so be it.  No more arrogant than the person that says I can’t think that way- they just shoved me off my soap box and climbed up in my place.


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