Who’s to Blame?

If I speed down the road doing 100 in a 70 km zone, hit a pot hole and go off the road – is it the department of transportation’s fault?  If I drink myself silly and trip over the crack in the side walk is it the town crew’s fault?  If I invite a bunch of people over and let them drink the liquid I provide, is it their fault my kids can’t sleep through the noise?  If I am out at establishments at 2 am, should I be surprised others are there doing the same thing ? Should I be surprised that someone gets punched in the face or worse?  Should I stuff myself with improper diet and fail to exercise and then blame the government for inadequate heath care?

We live in a society where people think it is their right to do what ever they want and someone else’s responsibilty to see that we get to do it safely.  If a police officer hurts someone who chose first to cause harm themselves- why is the officer more at fault?  If someone allows dangerous people to hang around  their young children, why are they suprised when something goes wrong ?

Of course, we can not avoid all ills.  And definitely there are cases where those we have entrusted with a duty, fall short and even deliberately err. But so many people put themselves in harm’s way and then moan when the consequence is upon them.  And sue the one who tried to help but somehow did not do their job properly.  This happens in schools with parents who fail to do their duty as parents and then blame the teachers for poor grades and bad behaviour of their offspring.

People seem to like to apply rules to others that they will not follow themselves.  There are very few people who would go out of their way to help someone, yet expect the service for themselves.  We live in a selfish, self centered world. We think we have the right to eat drink and be merry and not have it result in any harm.

How sad that the do undo others as you would have them do unto you clause covers so few of the world’s population.  The finger of blame always seems to point to the other person.


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