I think the best things in life can not truly have a price put on them.  We all have to make a living as money is a flow through our society.  But trying to sell real ideas and truths pales their significance.  Can you put a price on a sunset?  I know one in Hawaii would cost me  a lot, but the true worth of the amazing sight is actually immeasurable.  A good school teacher could never truly get the monetary amount she is worth- how do you measure the worth of a positive influence that encourages their students to be the best they can be? 

I think we put a price on God and our relationship with him when we try to woo people into beautiful church buildings with the latest technology and shazams.    Even “doing good” can become an advertisement.  There are few pure hearted motives out there in the media.  When we play that game and use those tactics, we lower the true value of the wonderful news of salvation.


One thought on “Commercialism

  1. yes yes yes!! I totally agree with you! I’ve been trying to say this for a long time but could not find the words. I always get uncomfortable when Christians have to come up with new ways to make the gospel more “appealing” to unbelievers. This “selling” of the gospel seems to miss the entire purpose of the gospel.

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