Personal Faith?

Is that where it stays? With the person?  (Obviously someone let the cat out of the bag or there would be no world religions .)  If you have a belief, but don’t think it good enough to share, why is it good enough to keep?  A relatively famous atheist of this day was given a Bible by a man who attended one of his magic shows.  This atheist was impressed.  He believes that you would have to hate someone a lot NOT to tell them you believe they will die without Christ.  He has no respect for people who do not proselytize. 

If a man who totally disagrees with someone elses belief in God , still thinks “that someone” should be trying to convert others- why should anyone be afraid to say what they believe?

It had better be so personal that it means enough to tell others.  Hide it under a bushel? Let it shine, if the light be there.


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