On Track

It is so easy to lose sight of your goal when you are in the day to day doldrums and banality of life. Or when you are being wisked about by excitement and busyness. You get sucked into doing instead of being,and before you know it, you forget why you are here in the first place.
There is a quote that says “you may be on the right track but you will get run over if you just stand there.” Well, in the process of moving on the track we can also often forget the destination. Without knowing where we are going to, we are just going. My system breaks down when I stay in the going only mode. I need to step back or park on the sideline for some time to get my head around where I am going as a person. I can fill in the blanks of “what next?” with the common answers of most people (go to college, make money, get married, have children, take vacations, get older, die…) But what are we here for in this small slice of eternity? (Most do not even venture to think of that question/answer, let alone dwell on it for any length of time.) But what we believe of this time we call life dictates what we do and ultimately where we will go.


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