Hmmm- a bit of an ugly word. Something is wrong, Someone was wronged, someone did wrong. Oh, and it often goes with the word sin. A small little word that has gotten lost from our vocabulary. By no means making it dead.
Seeing myself as I truly am in God’s eyes starts with a repugnance for all He does not stand for. I do not hate me but my nature makes me separate from a holy God. I need a new nature that God gives that does not at this time make me sinless, but washed and accepted into His family through the work of Jesus.
We like to believe in God’s goodness and love and expect that he will overlook our original, after Adam sinned, nature (even though Christ died because of it).
Of course, that would make life easier, but ignoring facts does not make them go away. The world is in a mess en mass, and the world’s way of ignoring the repentance road does not seem to be a path that leads to peace.


4 thoughts on “Repentance

  1. I certainly agree with the repentance aspect of the old nature being subject to the law of sin, however I have a slightly different view on the new nature as a believer. After one has gone through the conversion or the tranformation of being born again by letting the old nature die to sin and taking on the new nature which is sinless that God has offered in the law of grace, through salvation in Christ, this new nature is a spiritual nature of which sin cannot dwell. As long as we are in the flesh we will be subject to this law of sin and bear the fruit of it as long as we continue in it. Yes sin still dwells and that sin will be subject to the judgement of condemnation which brings death in the flesh of which in this new nature we are not.

    As paul has said it is no longer I that dwells in this sin but the old nature that dwells in me. This new nature of which I have adopted through Christ, God sees no sin in it for sin cannot live in the nature of Christ. Repentance does not arise within man himself, but is the result of God’s mercy in leading man to it. I believe true lasting repentance is not willed out of the flesh but through the result of one being born again, making it even more so important the purpose of the cross. God said he gives us a renewing of the mind resulting in a change of conduct therefore not an active will of the flesh but of faith. My finding reveals that repentance cannot be mustered up out of the flesh as we see paul had many times struggled with until he realized that it was the new nature that allowed him to overcome the weakness of the flesh by acknowleging he was no longer suject to it dwelling in his new nature.

    In this new nature God viewed him through the lens of his son, a holy, righteous saint. For now there is no condemnation for all those in Christ Jesus. This does not mean we continue to sin, however God said this new self is spiritual as he is spiritual, spiritual meaning sinless, therefore we worship in spirit because God is spirit and are no longer under the judgement of the law of sin but under the law of grace again which is spiritual.

    If one is born again even though the old self of which we are no longer is condem to die,and the old nature is still subjected to condemnation by death, we will reap what we sows however we are no longer the old self but now in the spirit of which we will truly enjoy the free gift of eternal life. The old nature will always be subject to bondage allowing for Christ libery at the cross. Now if your not born again thats another story in itself
    regarding repentance in the old nature. Sin reminds us daily who we were.

    It was sin that changed Adam from spiritual to flesh causing death of which Christ says we in the spirit are no longer subject to given our spiritual nature of which Christ bought back for us.

  2. I in no way believe we work for our salvation. I believe there is nothing I can do to keep or lose my salvation. It is Christ’s job.
    I know tonnes of people, Christ followers or not, who believe that nothing is sin anymore and God has no hate of anything

    The Bible tells me to love what He loves and hate what He hates. Unless we have seen ourselves from God’s perspective can we fully benefit from His salvation? Christians are taught that all is forgiven , but most people who come to Christ have not seen their true condition in the first place.
    My sin killed Jesus ,made God turn His back on His own Son. Knowing the extent of my sin’s damage makes me more appreciate the mercy and grace of God. That is what repentance allows.
    If someone was clearly drowning and I rescued them , but they had not seen their true danger or I rescued them but lost my own son in the process and they did not recognise their need or my sacrifice- their life after rescue would not show the appreciation the same as someone who truly acknowledged their peril and its cost.

  3. People get concerned with being labled “sinners” – those who profess Christ are saints, Sons of God, holy, new creatures. It is thought that if we say we are sinners we allow for sinfulness or false humility or take away the power of God when He redeemed us. I John 1:9,10 is addressed to believers: acknowledging and confessing sin to maintain fellowship not relationship. These verses clearly state that we are not sinless at all times. This sin does not put me back to my former state of sinner Before Christ.
    There are professing Christians who believe because we are not sinners anymore that we can’t sin. Then some take that and believe that anything we do now is okay and right in God’s eyes. (And if we make a mistake it is like the drunk man who beats his wife and escapes prosecution because he did not mean to beat his wife- the booze made him do it. But he never stops drinking knowing full well what will happen when he does.) They take the “I am no longer a sinner” but do not follow after holiness. (Habits are not erased- they are replaced.)

    Wanting to be right we either put humans on a pedestal or make them scum. Neither view is correct.

    We are redeemed from the power of sin by the Holy Spirit in us but still possess the will to choose it. Our own spirit as a Christian should not be at war with sin- the Spirit of God in us should have the battle. Before we understand that it is God’s Spirit in us that works things out, we will believe we have to fight evil ourselves. That is where Paul was struggling. In his own spirit with his own impotent power. People all through the ages have done the same, believers or not.

  4. Great read. The battle is over thank God we win. Living for Christ is a great road to recovery.

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