Making the simple complicated

This world  makes a living off this statement.  . We take the simplicity of things and turn it into a commercial adventure. We like to hear things the way we want to , so we seek out a teller to put on the spin we want. I am not advocating quick fixes- 10 steps to losing 10 pounds, or 5 steps to be debt free- those are gimmicks too. But I think there is some merit to “just do it”. Again- don’t think you are going to the moon just because you decided to and you are on NASA’s doorstep- they will laugh you off.    We will not ever know everything but a clear picture of the basics is important. I cannot be saved from drowning if I have no concept that I breathe air not water. Laws of nature apply. 

Keeping the main thing the main thing is very crucial.  Our lives are so unclear and veiled from others and even ourselves.  We won’t address the core issues and wonder why we are always unhappy or struggling.  Most of the things in my life that have benefited me most were the ones that shook me to the roots. They were not things I wanted to hear.  But they set me on the right path.  Now it is easier to keep things straight because the crooked is so clear compared to it.


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