Can’t steer a moored ship

I think we get so concerned with how we go that we never go. Making mistakes because we are doing something is better than making the mistake of never doing anything,   We sometimes try to find what we are good at before we actually do anything.  But you don’t really know til you are out there doing whether you have the desire and skill to actually do it.  People want to know their gifts and strengths by personality traits and personal desires.  I think that is going about things backward.  You do not really know your strengths and weaknesses untill they are put to the tests.  We may think we know, but until they are proved through adversity they are of little value.

Moses thought he was a loser- poor speaker with a stutter and no ability to develop a following.  Yet he led millions of Israelites through the Red  Sea.  Our gifts are God-given and should be God driven.  If you are doing life you will be using your gifts without worrying about what they are.


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