I play basketball, run, deal with horses and those who want to be with horses.  I have never gone to the Olympics in any of theses sports, so I guess what I have to say has little value.  Or does it? 

How does the top become the top? 

 By relying on a base.   Everyone starts somewhere.

Should I lower my standards because I am not ever going to be good enough?

I play pick up basketball and it can get serious at times.  People try to coach you, or someone tries to hurt you out of competitiveness.    I do not spend too much time on things I do not do well- like dribble or guard the middle or block shots.  Because my goal is not the NBA, I slack off.  Well, not really. 

I take my game serious where I can and let someone else pick up where they are better.   I have fun, but not at the expense of safety or following the rules.  (My nick name was hacker in college, and I am trying to diminish that).

I run, but not at any speed that will set records. I have been lapped on a marathon route.  If someone told me how to improve my times I would have to seriously consider the source, and my abilities before I busted my gut.

With riding, it is a bit different.   We have a creature involved in the process that has little choice in the outcome.  I need to be mindful of its comfort and how it is affected by lack of training or expertise.  I have some riders who are willing to stay at a level for as long as it takes to get it right. I appreciate that.

People will say-I don’t want to be any better so I don’t want to deal with improving.  With lots of sports, you can find the niche that suits that way of thinking.  I am not endangering too many lives with my lack of finesse in basketball and running. (a few of the guys on Fridays and Sundays may disagree.)

I do need to take stock of what I plan to do and honestly deal with the issues that arise because of my plans.  I will not lower the standards necessary to safely and progressively achieve those goals regardless of what level I am at. 

 Being a winner at the base is as important as a being a winner at the top.


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