No Blisters

I read quite a few blogs through my running category tag surfer here on WordPress and sometimes the pictures can get graphic. There are the food pictures which are sometimes interesting  (I got a peanut butter french toast recipe there), others are information overload.  The pictures of people’s feet (and mainly toes) are not my cup of tea at all.  There are blister shots and toenails turning various shades but mostly rotten, colors.

I have never had a blister from running.  Or dislocated toenails.  I am starting to think I am doing something wrong.  I am pretty sure I am not running as long or hard as those folks.

But do I want that? 

 I like the comfort of my feet.  I have put a few miles on them and my goal is longevity,not record-setting. I want to stay healthy,and I guess that includes no open sores.

My camera is reserved  for non – blistering events.


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