How do you mend a broken heart?

There are a lot of self – help books out there.  And self – medication.  Very little self-denial and self – awareness.

We can’t get away from it.  It is everywhere.  People justified in doing anything – we say we just can’t help ourselves.  There is no real hope for any relationship when the chance of it being sabotaged by our desires and wishes reigns. 

People are addicted to just about everything and have medical or scientific proof to allow for it.

And not just for this life.  We go into the next being the same people with our slate wiped clean by a sugar daddy.  So the cycle begins again.  But somehow things are going to be better the second time around. 

No amount of argument for any religion, or non religious explanation will solve the brokenness of mankind.  History has proved that.  Someone has experienced every form of society that can be dreamed up. Nothing man engineered has truly conquered the flesh and its desires and decay.


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