Reading it Right

There is a passage in the Bible that almost everyone has quoted or  had quoted at them.  It starts: “Judge not…” Matthew 7

But the rest of the verses (context) needs to be read. 

We are to judge, just add to it, knowing that we hold ourselves up to the same standard as we mete out. (The hypocrisy is the damning element in this portion, not the judging.)

Judging righteously with an eye on our own actions keeps us from engaging in harmful activities. 

 It can be difficult, because the world expects you to hold that standard.  (They won’t hold themselves to it but you will be expected to – the Bible says it will be measured to you).

 But I would rather have that weight, than be the care less person who is only looking out for themselves and has no standard except personal comfort and fitting in with the crowd.


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