Feeling it

One thing I like about the Bible is that it does not emphasize feelings.  I have not found very many references to that state.

Most people put great stock in how they do or do not feel.

But feelings are not to be the governors of our fate or someone else’s.

I never really think I felt like changing diapers at 2 in the morning.  I did the changing though.

The lack of positive feeling does not diminish the love for my child.

Being “in love” and loving are two very different things.

I had a steadfast home growing up, Mom and Dad always working hard for the household and the community. Food on the table (although egg gravy was no treat to me)  and clothes on my back. 

Having the feeling of being loved is a dangerous spot to aim for.  You are never sure if you have hit the bull’s-eye with feelings.  

Feelings are a very poor way to guide your life.

The Bible says to show love.  When I aim for that, my needs are met.  

We get things backwards.  

We know people need love but when we always put ourselves and our feelings at the top of the list, no one truly gets it.


One thought on “Feeling it

  1. I’ve heard marriage described as two people devoted to making the other person happy. If they both make the other happy, then they are both happy. If they are simply concerned with the other person making them happy, they will both be unhappy. (slightly off-topic, but still related)

    Great post. I heartily agree.

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