what is wrong with lies? etc.

Really.   I mean, you are just protecting yourself, or someone else or maybe it is just inconvenient to follow through.

So what If I say I will baby sit your child at 10 and fail to show up. Take him to work with you, or stay home. Just do what you want like I do.

Lies and other so-called moral discrepancies are a product of religion anyway.  They have been inflicted on us.  They would not have meaning or carry weight if we all just discarded our restrictive up bringing and external influences.  We should all be guided by our inner selves.

Dogs and cats should not be made to feel bad for chewing, biting,crapping on floor, or not coming when called, so neither should people. (Animals are as important as people so we deserve the same treatment.)

Sin is made up, no one does anything wrong. Someone is making a living off our natural tendencies by making us feel guilty.


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