full power

I have a little flashlight that needs no battery – you wind it up.

You are supposed to wind it up for a certain time before you put it away or before you turn it on again.

I am continuously in a hurry when I use it, so I turn it on, get some light and wind it while it is on to get decent light.

As soon as I stop winding the light dims.

Why don’t I just do what I am supposed to and get all the light I can?

Because I think what I do is good enough.  It gets me by. I am comfortable with it.


Back and forth like a daytime drama
Up and down like a yo-yo mama
Say there’s gonna be days like this
‘Cause light and dark don’t coexist

How you gonna see through this fog?
How you gonna get back on course?
You ain’t never gonna feel the force
If you don’t connect to a power source
Cause you been swapping out day for night
But you see a lamp light burning bright
If you get your flip-flops off the porch
We’re passing you the torch

When the boys light up, you know
Who gets the praise who owns the show
When the boys light up, it’s on
We ain’t stopping till we’re done

We ain’t nothing but the conduits
He’s got the power, He’ll flip the switch
Leaving the dark behind
Light up and let it shine


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