mediocre or happy medium

people hate evil, but perfection is equally deplored


You cannot serve two masters

 When we entertain every “way” and grasp portions from each and put them together for ourselves- it is pot luck. Emphasis on the luck.   I like pot luck at suppers to a degree but I usually end up with indigestion because of the diversity and incongruity of foods.

  People who think they are being nice by listening to the advice of everyone are making a grave error. 

If you think it is good to be open-minded to the point of a head full of mish mash ideas, you are in trouble.  I had someone tell me that they believed in reincarnation- then within minutes say I should live it up in this world because you only go around once. If that is the way open-minded works I want none of it.  When people tell me to embrace all and be tolerant it is of great concern to me.

Having two masters leads to making one happy at the expense of the other.  No one wins unless one’s goal is to create chaos.  

 A teacher should expect loyalty.  I do not mean producing puppets or uninquiring minds,  Or being blindly accepting robots.  But to follow someone’s teaching is to choose a way.  There should be a clear path to see, a purpose to emulate.  If I can not trust my teacher I will not follow far.  My husband coaches boxing with another coach.  They are in general agreement about how the boxers should train.  They are very careful not to have them introduced to ways of other coaches that conflict or draw the boxers from their goal.  Is this arrogance? No- it is smart.  That does not mean the coaches stop learning and progressing in their thoughts, or that they will never have a losing fighter.  But for the sake of the boxer, he should know who he is following or get out. 

 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways

Having a clear goal can keep you from the pitfall of  trying to please everyone.

Great Expectations (or is Mediocre OK)

Are they overrated? (expectations)  If I visit my Doctor is it wrong to want to see his diploma on the wall and get a proper diagnosis or referral?  If I need a lawyer, do I pick one who has just passed the bar or lost a lot of cases? Does a farmer own land and not bring about a harvest of plant or animal?  If someone says they are something but do not practice it, are they really what they say they are?   There is always a learning process- I don’t expect a newly graduated anything to be as good as the veteran.  But if you are not living the calling, do you really fit the classification?